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My name is William Danney. I’ve lived in urban and inner city communities in Baltimore Maryland for most of my life.
Fortunately, my story is a familiar one to some. As a teenager, I ventured into a street life of crime and violence. I associated with questionable persons, I sold drugs and I got into my fair share of trouble. Thankfully I had a very strong support system of family, good friends, teachers and mentors to help me straighten up.

Unfortunately, the latter part of my story is not yet the reality of too many young people growing up in the same types of communities in which I was raised. For many of these young folks, if a support system does exist, providing a clear strong positive signal to reach these young minds through all noise of the street can be challenging.

Today more than ever before young people face so many obstacles that can obstruct their paths to creativity and impede them from building greater futures. Many of our inner city neighborhoods are open drug markets where the street level drug dealers have become the first “role models” to whom our young people look up to, admire and aspire to emulate.
This behavior has to change and the change must start in the very same neighborhoods and communities where the issues exist. We’ve got to make things better for our young people.

This is the impetus for this project. I want to build a technology community center in the neighborhood and community where this facility can actually be effective in creating positive changes in the lives of the young people in that particular area.
The purpose of this center is to empower the young people with the knowledge of information and technology and to introduce these young minds to new avenues and ideas beyond the corner and the street block. The center will offer an entry level introduction to web design and development, Information Technology, video game design, video production, music production and digital photography.

As an Internet consultant, I work with wide variety of people, groups and organizations that all see a great need for this type of solution. We are ready to invest energy, computers, education, books, software, and money as well the most valuable resource of all, time.

So that’s the story. I’m asking you to chip in and help us create a positive change in our inner city communities.

Thank you,
William Danney

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